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What would your life be like if you were

Living Your Best Life?

You don't need anyone's permission to live your best life

It’s easy to get stuck and lose sight of your wants and needs for a better life, when your life is full of taking care of everyone elses’ needs or just getting the bills paid. I read about a woman who was “grieving herself.” She had lost herself catering to everyone else and was grieving her former happy self with hopes and dreams. Now her hope was just to get 10 minutes to herself.

Sound familiar?

Covid19 came into our lives and the life you were living was put on an involuntary pause. The noise of life is no longer there to drown out our problems or distract us from the feeling of being stuck and just getting through life.

With that, we were given a reality check of how precious time is, what we do with that time and who we spend it with. Coming out of the Covid Quarantine time, for most, priorities have changed.  It brought clarity to the people and things we may have taken for granted previous to the pandemic and put a higher value on what we truly want in life.



Well now is the time to nourish that clarity and use this pause in your normal daily life to your advantage. It's time to take the control back and make it an intentional shift to the authentic you and the life you really want from this day forward. Your best life. It's never too late.

Let us guide you through a personal growth journey of self-evaluation, awareness, confidence and healing. We work on permanently removing all that baggage and limiting beliefs that have been weighing you down…and building the confidence and courage that lead to change, healing and a better life.

No thousand dollar courses here, just common sense and practical proven words of wisdom.

Here’s the thing… we all have different ways of receiving information, right? So, I have several options to help you grow forward. Check them out and pick the best for you and lets get started!


For those of you like me that love to sit down with an eBook, or printed book with highlighter in hand…and devour the words in a book…this is for you all day. I wrote it in an easy-to-read conversational style that some say feels like we’re hanging out together just having a conversation over a cup of coffee.

tiny buddha images square7.jpg

Maybe you’re not a big reader…you prefer more action, audio and visual stimulation while you learn. For y’all we’ve created a series of online mini - courses based on the book…where in each one, I talk you through it, share some relevant personal stories and give you lots of visuals. We top it off with downloadable workbook of exercises to apply what you’re learning to real life.


Are you the kind of person that goes to Weight Watchers, or hires a personal trainer at the gym to guide you to greatness and hold you accountable? Well then coaching is for you. This is your dedicated one-on-one time with someone dedicated only to you…to listening to your wants and needs, dreams and goals and guiding you to getting there. Wait, what?  I know…what a concept!



We all love free stuff, right?

 Free stuff is good…but Great free stuff is even better, so check out the great free stuff we have for you here.


 You’re welcome.

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