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I was raised in a family who never made me feel I needed permission to “do me” and always encouraged me to live my Best Life.

Being part of the Motivational and Personal Growth world almost all of my life, it seemed only natural that I would end up here too. My father was in the ministry, and my late husband Richard Gilly Nixon was a well-known author and motivational speaker. They were my mentors, and I learned a lot from both of them.

I too, am now an author, a speaker, teacher, and Transformational Life Coach…oh, and own 2 companies dedicated to providing inspiration, motivation, and resources for self-empowerment towards success in life.


I’ve been teaching the principles of my book and online courses for over 25 years now… and am a living testimonial to them working to create a better life. They’ve gotten me through the times I’ve been stuck, and next level when I got un-stuck.


​In the s**t that was 2020, many people found themselves stuck and with a shift in their priorities. Well ditto here. I needed to get healthier, get life balance, and get back to my passion…writing, so I used the pandemic isolation time to my advantage and worked on me, my company and writing my book and courses.


My goal is to help others become empowered to get healthy in whatever way needed, get their life balance back and rediscover their passion again that got lost along the way…and to remind them, they don’t need anyone’s permission!


 I’m a proud southern girl. I was lucky enough to have been raised in both southern Florida and southern California. I had the best of both worlds growing up and it helped mold me into the woman I am today; a genuine down-home southern girl with the outdoor adventure spirit of a So Cal girl.


I currently live in the Bay area of Northern Cal and when I’m not staying up until 3am writing, I’m out kayaking, roadtripping around the country, or Coddiwompling ( It’s my new favorite word – look it up) about on my motorcycle…a stunning BMW 1250.


I am living my best life. How about you?

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