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Take It

Next Level

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Coaching is a game changer!

Go next level—faster—with dedicated one on one time to get you there.

Our coaching program has helped countless people in both their personal and business life get clear, focused, inspired and take action confidently to fulfill their dreams into reality…switch their career to their passion, rid themselves of the negative people or habits…finally drop the LB’s, start their own business, move out of parents' house, travel the world…

Whatever the vision is you have for yourself, we help you into making it a reality.

I’m sure most of you understand the importance of a coach, right? Think about your school coaches who led you to be a better player in whatever. Or programs like Weight Watchers where you have a coach to help you be successful with getting healthier.

Same thing here, the game is just life. Kind of important right? 


The book and mini courses are life changing all by themselves…they too are about being healthier in all aspects of life.

But having a personal business and life coach is a game changer to take you next level…

Life Coaching is about your future!  When talking with a coach, our job is to listen to you and what you want for your life moving forward. Not only do we listen with an unbiased ear, but we also help provide clarity, guidance and accountability as you work towards get those things you say you want.

There’s a saying… “Don’t talk about it, BE about it.”


Well, we help you “Be” about it! Accountability is real my friends and a big part of coaching.


Whether it’s me, our resident Life Coach Donna Quarles, or one of our team…I highly recommend getting one of our coaching packages to see what a difference it can make for you. We even have a “Dip My Toe in It” package to give it a try.

Our Life Coaches are there to listen to you, provide motivation, clarity, guidance and accountability.

We have packages available for you to experience the difference a Life Coach can make in your life! 

And no, it’s not selfish…

it’s smart and will make all the difference moving forward in your life.

You’re worth it!

Not exactly sure about the difference between life coaching and therapy?

Read my blog; No Chanting, Incense or Freudian Couches.


Coaching Packages
Which one will you choose?

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Three 60 minute sessions


Limited time offer for pre-paid



$100 savings

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level-1-certified-professional-coach badge.png



One 60 minute sessions




Six 60 minute sessions


Limited time offer for pre-paid



$180 savings



When you sign up, we reach out to you to set up a time for us to meet for a free 30 minute introductory clarity call. The Clarity call is to get acquainted, lay out the process and set up our first coaching appointment.


Then when we meet…it’s all about you. A 1 hour each session of private, dedicated YOU time by phone, zoom or facetime with one of our Certified Professional Life Coaches.


This is your time to talk about what’s on your mind, or in your dreams of the future.

It can be about goals you want to achieve, blocks you have in your business life or emotional blocks in personal relationships, bad habits you want to get rid of or good ones you want to start, quitting the job you have or opening that new business you’ve always dreamed of.


Whatever it is…it’s your life…and we’re here to help you get the most out of it…and cheer you on while you do it! So come on…let’s get started!

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