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A “Real Talk” personal growth journey of self-awareness, healing, growth, confidence and empowerment for people who are stuck in life, want to drop all the baggage weighing them down and get on to their best life.

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Reading this book is going to give you a refresher course on the subject of YOU… and take you to a whole new level of self-discovery and empowerment.

One of my favorite quotes is “Drop anything that weighs you down. Protect and nourish all the things in life that uplift you.”


That’s what this book is all about. I ask some questions that will bring awareness to the good people and things you want to protect and nourish…and bring awareness to the not so good habits, limiting beliefs and people that weigh you down.  It’s some real talk broken down into an easy-to-read conversational style with humor. One reader described it as … “the sugar that helps the medicine go down.”

 Ready for some sugar?


You'll find an engaging seamless read broken down into four concepts to make it digestible. 

  • Building the Foundation of Change

The first seven chapters are where you answer some of these questions to become aware and decide what it is you want and need to live your life as you want to…like in the chapter; NOW TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT, WHAT YOU REALLY, REALLY WANT.


  • Tools for Change

The next four chapters are where you’ll learn the secrets to going next level. 

  • What’s the Holdup?

These nine chapters are where it gets real. This is my favorite part of the book because it’s where we start the empowering talk of unpacking all those bags that have been holding you back...for good! 

  • Next Level Living

It ends with positivity, celebration and what to do next. 

So, are you ready?

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Available as an eBook, too!

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Getting rid of the toxic waste in your life!

THE DAILY MIND F**K...... Are you self bullying?


How's yours lately?


that bind.

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The author took a good idea and made it better. She made it easy to read, relatable and authentic by adding her  personal stories. Thank you for reminding us that we don't need permission to live our Best Life! I look forward to applying the principles to my life!


A must read!


The author hits all the right points and you will find yourself saying “Wow”!

This is a must read. I'm not waiting on anyone's permission before I start recommending it!

Theo V

I finished "Permission" today...more slowly than I usually read because I've been savoring it and really didn't want it to end. What a great gift you have given to the eon's worth of wisdom distilled into a few precious pages...and written in a style that makes the most profound truths accessible to people of all ages...especially because so generously spiced with humor.

I can't tell you how many times I laughed out loud...or fought back a tear.

In a word, "Permission" is "perfect"...for the newcomer to the core principles of self-determination, as well as for "seasoned" folk like me who have encountered the principles before, but need help with consistently applying them. But here's the familiar as I sometimes imagine "new thought" principles are, there were certain pages in your book that knocked my socks off.

Tomorrow I will start reading it again.

Dr. Deidra

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