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These 21 pocket goal cards are a great place for you to write down your goals and carry with you for a constant reminder of what you’re working towards.  We created them in the convenient business card size to easily take with you in a wallet, purse, phone case or, uh…pocket… with quotes on the front for extra inspiration as you go through your day of adulting.

From Chapter 6: Burning Desires into Goals


Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Carry your goals on these pocket-sized cards for a constant reminder of your goals and daily motivation to help you achieve them.

    • 21 business card sized Goal cards in a convenient plastic box to carry them in
      • 8 created for the areas that help to create a balanced life
      • 9 blank for additional goals
      • Instruction cards
      • Checklist of 8 questions to make sure goals are written for most effective outcome
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