What is Life Coaching Anyway?

By Donna Scoates-Nixon

How would it feel to have one-on-one time with someone dedicated to you and your dreams and goals? Time when no one is interrupting you to make their lunch, drive them somewhere, or get a work report on the boss’s desk ASAP.

I’m talking about “You” time …a pause in everyday adulting responsibilities with someone who’s only job is to listen to you and help you go next level in your life.

Wait, what….is there really such a thing?? Yes, my friend, there really is. It’s called Life Coaching and it’s the secret tool to leveling up, both personally and professionally.

Think about it, many of us have a personal trainer for our body, right? Having a life coach is the same thing, the focus is just a different part of our body…our mind, but it achieves the same outcome… a healthy life and bigger success.

A coach is an outside perspective, sounding board, support system, devils advocate, cheerleader and teammate all rolled into one. They’re there to provide clarity, keep you focused, hold you accountable and celebrate your wins.